Something About Me

I have worked as a graphic designer for more than 14 years. Due to the broad and passionate interest in the entire process of creation, I never limit myself to one creative field. In my career, I have occupied many positions and roles sharpening a wide range of skills, these including packaging design, photo edition, books and magazine design, web design, brand positioning and art direction.

Currently, most of my time is invested working for the entertainment industry and publishing sector. For several years, I have been engaged as a packaging designer for various pop culture, toy and model companies including First 4 Figures, Gaming Heads and Unbox industries; a rich, ever-expanding world based on creativity and passion.

I'm working both in traditional and digital media, striving for their synergy in serving the ultimate end-result, having also a great deal of experience in corporative marketing and design.

Always looking for a new challenge, my personal goals are non-stop improvements toward new ideas, creativity enhancement, creating new visual identities for products and projects and advancement to even better designing standards.

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